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What people are saying about training at Bushi:

John Pilla

The past few years of my life have been filled with many new experiences, many of them good, but all of them have been part of a system of education that is superior to any other. Out of everything that I’ve learned while at Bushi, the one thing that I will always keep in mind is that we are the best, and that I have the potential to be the best I can possibly be. However, being the best at something requires many hours of training, and I’ve learned that without training hard, you cannot accomplish anything. This past summer, I took on the responsibility of teaching the summer camp, which was a completely different experience than I expected. But, I’ve learned a lot from teaching the camp; and along with that came the knowledge that I need to be a leader, and to show people what to do, instead of just telling them. Karate is a great experience for EVERYONE, and the best part is that you get to train with National and International Champions. Without the help of Sensei Byrnes and Sensei Older, I would not be where I am now.

Jerry Novak

I started training at a Shotokan school in the late 70s. The school was formatted after the JKA concepts of karate teaching. There was no contact during man-to man drills, no sparring until the rank of 3kyu and even then it was semi free style only. There was little focus on self-defense or the application of the techniques taught in the dojo. It was strictly a karate-do school. I left the dojo after reaching the rank of 1 Kyu. I became disillusioned with the repetitiveness of the training and the ridiculous requirements to test for the rank of shodan. I am not sure why but I felt a strong desire to try karate again back in 95. I travel Route 309 a lot and saw the BUSHI sign many times. I called the dojo and set up a time to watch a class. Even though the basic techniques and kata were the same there were also a few striking differences such as application of technique with man-to-man contact, and free sparing with all levels of rank participating. After a short conversation with Sensei Byrnes I decided to join the school as a white belt. Soon after I started training at BUSHI I realized this system was much different than I had first thought. I knew I had made the right decision in coming here because I felt challenged not bored. I encouraged my brothers to join as well since they trained at the other school with me. My younger brother took up the challenge with me and we both became BUSHI black belts in June of 2000. I have had to train through a few physical problems which shot down any aspirations I may have had to become a competitive fighter. During a BUSHI tournament there was a competition using self-defense in which two BUSHI students gave in impressive performance. After watching that I knew self-defense was going to be the focus of my future training. I began going to Sunday self-defense classes right away. I again encouraged my brothers to try it out and this time they both began taking classes. I still train in regular classes at lest two nights a week and teach whenever needed. I try to pass on what I learned to every one I work with during one-step, club and knife and any other self defense situation we do during class. I try to encourage every one to come to the defense classes. My younger brother and I spend a lot of time working on defense techniques so we can pass on the teachings and concepts of BUSHI. Sensei Byrnes has taken the good parts of other systems and blended them into a truly unique fighting and defensive art. He has developed a system, which takes into account the consequences of its use. The focus is on submission and control of the opponent and not to just simply demolish them for what might be a minor offence. I consider it an honor and a privilege to know and work with sensei Byrnes the instructors, and all the students at BUSHI KARATE!

Suzanne L. Smith

Dear Sensei Byrnes,

I just wanted to let you know how much we really appreciated “Bushi Summer Camp”. I believe that Andrew had the patience of a Saint (he must of to teach 15 kids all summer)! He earned & received a lot of respect from the kids, and at the same time the kids knew they had a good friend. I also noticed such a physical improvement in Michael as well as in his stamina. Aside from all of the schooling and improvements that Michael and the kids acquired, I know for a fact that all who attended Bushi Summer Camp had loads of fun. What I’m really trying to say is that I am so thankful to you and Janet for making camp possible and a special thanks to Andrew for being the perfect teacher (Sensei) and making it a very positive experience! Thanks once again for adding Bushi Summer Camp to our lives.

Sincerely, Suzanne L. Smith

Coralie Saliege

“First time in Martial Arts, I’ve joined Bushi Karate for now 8 months. To me, it is a great mix of useful technical learning, physical activity, and discipline, all in a very friendly atmosphere (direct comments from Sensei Byrnes on your performances are always a treat!). It’s a place where instructors will push you and encourage you while still respecting your own place.

Natalie Perri

“Karate has been one of the most pivotal and profound change in my life. Several years ago in my mid twenties, after giving birth to my second child, my body was racked with pain. I was unable to play on the floor with my kids, unable to hold a small pot of water, or even stand for extended periods. I spent my free time driving from doctor to doctor, taking tests after tests. They finally diagnosed me with ‘Fibermialgia’, and told me there wasn’t much that could be done. I was depressed, and felt hopeless. Then I was fortunate enough to begin my karate training, after a few short months of regular and consistent workouts I began to improve. I am thrilled to say that today I am the strongest and in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. I’m going to be thirty soon and thanks to Bushi Karate, specifically Sensei Byrnes, I’m going to keep getting better.”

Minh K. Vo

My name is Minh K. Vo. I am one of the students in your karate class at Gwynedd-Mercy College. I would like to thank for your teaching us wonderful techniques about self defense. I enjoyed the class very much. It helped me to improve my strength and confidence. That’s one of the reasons I enrolled for another karate class with you. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn about self defense or body improvement. I am looking forward to learning from you during next class. Again, thank you very much for your helping and teaching.

Robert Powell

Thank you so much for the outstanding instruction I have received during my time in your class. I look forward to continuing my training with you. I feel everyone at Gwynedd Mercy should take Karate in order to broaden their physical and mental awareness.

James Novak

Started Shotokan karate at age 10 (1978) to 16 (1984) and achieved a rank of 1 Kyu with American Karate Studios in Glenside PA. Started with Bushi at age 27 (1995) to present.

COMMENT: After being a teenager then moving on to raising a family, my brother nudged me on, to check out this karate school called “Bushi” Karate. I was amazed to see the strong technical Shotokan I’ve learned, that I could not find at other karate schools in my area. But what attracted me most to “Bushi” was the practicality of the self-defense (Aikijujitsu) and how after practicing over and over, even some of the more complex applications started becoming natural movements to me. So after moving through the ranks twice in my life, I have to say, I am proud to be a true “Bushi” black belt.

QUOTE: No matter how bad you feel before class whether it be aches and pains or just mentally out of sorts, you always feel better afterwards. 

I found the first session of Karate to be very informative. I learned simple techniques about self defense that seem to have great effects. I learned that strength does not matter. What is most important is the speed at which you deliver the move. I also learned that size does not matter and that technique in any situation reigns supreme. I liked the class a lot because even at its most basic level, I could feel the self-confidence it created in me as regards to the area of self defense. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this class.