Self Defense: A Specialty at Bushi

A Serious Issue... Not just a sport

Self Defense, a major concern of Shihan Byrnes, has to be approached with great care, and with consideration for your potential attacker. First, within milliseconds, you must decide the level of attack. Is it serious, life threatening, or some simple fool exercising his acute stupidity?  The legal issue must always guide your response to aggression: control, rather than destroy. The ability to control requires an intellectual approach rather than a violent solution.

Unfortunately almost daily we hear stories of men, women and children who have become victims of violent, threatening and harassing crimes. Federal agency statistics indicate that almost 100% of you will be assaulted within your lifetime. Being prepared and having a confident demeanor tends to ward away potential assaultive behavior. The better the preparation, the less chance an attack will ever come.

Important Defensive Skills

Avoiding potential problem individuals and areas.
Develop strong and effective control techniques for all situations.
Frequently martial artists over-react or under-react to situations through lack of training on serious self defense.
Practice against all possible types of attacks, grabs, kicks, punching and weapons. 


For Children

Self-discipline, the cornerstone of basic education, is a primary concern with the beginning level martial arts students.  Positive self image and concentration on personal goals helps all students develop a sense of who they are, and what is necessary to accomplish their future needs.  In almost all new students, we find a greater ability to concentrate on school work, and school grades generally improve.  The mind and body working together will surely improve the quality of life.   Parents of our long term students use the martial arts training as an augment to school work, and find the combination benefits the overall performance within the school environment.


For Women

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises far surpass the normal program that people usually select. With our Martial Arts program motivation is the key word, constant direction and supervision through your entire training session. Stretching, coordination, timing; constantly challenging.  Remember, there are no girls or women in our school, only martial artists, with the option of being the best you can be regardless of size, strength, or conditioning.  Reach all of your short range and long range goals.