BUSHI BUDO KAN - House of the Warrior



If you have karate training experience, or you are interested in karate training, bring your uniform or other training clothes and join us. We prefer that anyone curious about our training actually try it rather than only watch. You pay fees only if you decide to join us. People who have actually tried it have been much more likely to begin training than those who only watched.

Visitors are requested to sit in the area provided inside the training area. Don't be shy and stand around in the lobby area wondering whether or not to come in. Just walk on in and sit down. Please do remain quiet while the class is in session. At some time during the class someone will be able to help you with any questions that you might have.

We are happy to meet new and interesting people with different experiences in other martial arts disciplines. Hopefully, your training experience with us will be more than you expected. We welcome anyone, regardless of affiliation, rank, or skill level, to train at Bushi.

Although are we members of many National organizations, Bushi is self-governed with standards that exceed most National or International Associations.


"I didn't join Bushi karate because I thought I wasn't good enough".

Sometimes our reputation for excellence will certainly go against us. People will often tell me that they know that we are very competitive and they feel threatened by that fact. Unfortunately they don't realize that only about twenty percent of our people care to compete, leaving eighty percent with interest in self-defense, conditioning, or the challenge of the art itself.

The years, patience, intensity, attention to detail. Why would a person or a family train with Bushi for years? People of all types are stimulated by the environment within the dojo, no one reason can be found. The individual in each case must make their own decision as to what it is that drives them to higher rank, or to continue for multiple years or even decades.

The Bushi Yudansha, the Black Belts of the Bushi Dojo are indeed most special, the time and the attention to excellence certainly separates these individuals from the average martial artist being produced at most schools today. The intellectual approach to our training makes a considerable difference over most of the students from competitive schools.

The Junior student program has helped to encourage and develop some of our future superstars. The trend that many of the local karate schools seem to be following is to reward their students with new belts almost monthly. Unfortunately it sort of resembles the training of an animal, rewarding them with each successful trick. The development of a martial artist takes time, patience, control and intellect. The awarding of rank (a belt) can never be guaranteed, within a time period. Individuals are exactly that, a singular person with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. No one can be compared with, or judged by another individual's abilities. Only time and experience can develop an individual, so take the time and gather the experience required to be the best you can be! When a friend or acquaintance tells that they made Black belt in two years, remember our standards are high, and it takes a lot of effort to reach the stars.

Goal setting is a must for quality of life. An individual working without goals or direction will frequently find success difficult if not impossible. Regularly take the time to plan where you're going with your life. Think about education, family, financial, employment and physical development. Make plans about where you would like to be next year, in two years or five years from today. Work to succeed, make plans and then work your plans. I see so many talented people that let life stall, stopped without any further advancement. Sit down periodically and evaluate where you are, and where you are going.

Learning disabilities a frequent frustration of parents and educators, has been worked with successfully at Bushi Karate Club. Concentration, discipline, confidence, coordination and goal setting. The repetitive ambidextrous training in some way affects the neurological functions. Physicians have been sending various types of patients to our facility with good results.

The new wave That new black belt around your waist should open up a whole new world of understanding and learning, not a new dojo. Unfortunately the new wave of franchise karate schools look at a new black belt as an opportunity to make additional monies by opening a new school. A responsible school will promote an individual to Shodan (first degree) in three to five years but that's when the development of a teacher begins. History, teaching methods, body physics, comparative styles, motivational concepts,

Instructors are painstakingly developed over years with attention to all of the above areas. How long it takes depends on the individual. Supervised student teaching starts possibly in the kyu ranks, and continues until the trainee has a thorough understanding of how to structure, maintain, and supervise all aspects of a basic class. The instructor trainee should understand all the criteria necessary to promote through the different kyu ranks, this criteria is necessary to guide the students through the various levels. A class should include attention to Kihon (basics), Kumite (sparring), Kata(form) and self-defense.